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Self-heating: the flameless ration heater to enjoy outdoors


Today we’re going to introduce you to self-heating food: the best option for enjoying healthy meals outside.

Whenever we are getting ready to spend some time outdoors, there’s always this one main issue: what can you bring? Which is the best option when it comes to eat outdoors? Despite what you’ve always believed, outdoor meals can be really tasty and nutritious too. You don’t have to limit yourself to savourless snacks when it comes to doing your beloved outdoor activities: self-heating food is the ultimate solution for nature lovers.

What is self-heating?

Self-heating is a technology developed for food packaging which allows you to eat warm meals without recurring to fire or other external heat sources. This active packaging uses a heat releasing chemical reaction to warm up the food inside them to very high temperatures. This means that even if you find yourself inside a snowstorm while hiking a mountain with below-zero temperatures, you’re still going to be able to taste a hot and complete meal.

How does self-heating work?

It doesn’t matter where you are: there are the 6 easy steps allowing you to delight a hot and exquisite ration of your favorite meal. The only 2 things you’ll need is one of our self-heating meals and any kind of water:

  1. Tear open the Heater bag using notch A.
  2. Then, insert the unopened meal pouch inside the bag.
  3. Once the pouch is inside the bag, add water until the line marked at the bottom of the bag.
  4. Then fold the Heater bag and run your fingers along the crease to ensure that it is properly folded.
  5. Once you’ve done that, place the Heater bag on a slightly leaning surface and you’ll see how steam appears in a few seconds. This means that it’s working correctly!
  6. Wait for 12 minutes and then, carefully, remove your meal by tearing notch B.

It is important to handle with care to avoid getting burned!

You can also purchase one of our Heating Bags and heat your own meal or drink by placing them unopened inside the bag. The best thing about this technology is that you don’t have to carry any heavy unnecessary items (like a stove or a pan) anymore.

What kind of meals can you heat with self-heating?

At our store we offer you a lot of different options, for any kind of taste. If you like variety and quality when it comes to food, and you’d like to keep it the same way outdoors, Forestia self-heating meals are just for you.

Chili con carne, beef Stroganoff, salmon and mushroom risotto and seafood paella are just some few of all the assortment of the inviting meals that you could enjoy while you’re outdoors. Even if you’re vegan, you’ll find choices for you!

As you can see, you can always enjoy warm, exotic and delicious meals while spending time surrounded by nature. You know that nature is the best place to eat, and it’s never been easier than with self-heating meals, and in our Forestia Store you’ll find more than 10 appetizing options:

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